Monday Musings ……………. July 21, 2008

I’m back – for those who read this and do not know, I was at a UMARMY camp this past week. It was a busy time and I never could get to my computer, so I missed my Monday blog last week. But, now I’m back.

Have you ever had a time when you were absolutely worn out but you would gladly do it all over again and get worn out all over again? That’s the UMARMY experience I’m having right now. It was an amazing week where I got to watch teenagers – young men and women – work in the hot sun to meet the needs of others by building and fixing and painting. Did they fuss? At times, but not about the work. There were issues with schedules and cold showers and little water pressure, but not once did I hear a complaint about having to do the work. I believe we “older” folks can sleep easy at night, the future is in good hands – may be better hands than the present!

My UMARMY experience also rolled over into Sunday morning. I must say, I had little time to work on a message – and the only time I had was when I returned late Saturday afternoon. I had planned to start a series dealing with the gospel of Mark, but I had to change gears. And, of course, God was good (O me of little faith, why do I doubt?) That being said, Sunday morning did have its bumps and turns. I’m not going into details on it, but it wasn’t very smooth – especially the later service. And yet, even with the confusion, it was such a blessing to be at Asbury to spend time in worship. I’m experiencing so much joy and energy on Sunday mornings. I just love to be here to sing and to preach and to see the people of Asbury. The Spirit of God seems to be so very obviously at work. If you were at the 8:30 service you heard the youth cheering after one of the songs – making a joyful noise to God! I watched as people left the service – there are so many smiles, so many friends talking and planning for lunch together. The fellowship of believers is alive and active at Asbury.

And then I hear about a new Sunday school class – the Mulligan class (all you golfers will understand this term for forgiveness and second chances). My only question – where do they meet?? We have so many new things taking hold, so many people looking to be connected and to grow in their faith. Our Sunday school attendance has been amazing even though our worship attendance is typically low for the summer – that says people are here and getting connected. That’s our hope, that’s our joy.

As I sit here typing I can see out of the corner of my eye that my desk is stacked high with things that need to be filed, shelved, answered, and processed. There is much to do and I need to get to doing it. But, I can do it with joy and excitement because God is doing such great things in this place.

Remember – God’s smiles when he thinks of you (and he is always thinking of you).


One response to “Monday Musings ……………. July 21, 2008

  1. God truly blessed us with your presence. Never fear your sermon Sunday was well received – so from the heart and your true connection to God.Thank you, and welcome back. I missed your Monday Musings, but was not surprised it was missing.

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