Monday Musings ……………. June 23, 2008

Peace to those who read this… May Jesus Christ be made real in you this day.

This is normally the time and place where I reflect back on Sunday at Asbury. However, as most of you are well aware, I have been away from Asbury for the past two Sundays – which is also why there was no blog last week. I have missed our time together, but God was good to me during the time I was away.

I spent the first week at our District Summer camp for children and youth, which happens out at Lakeview near Palestine, Texas. It was a good week, but busy and not much sleep. Rebecca and I travelled from there to west Texas where we met Jan and Andrew for Jan’s family reunion. A quick visit and some much needed rest. A day later we were in San Antonio for some family vacation time. After 3 nights there we went to Austin to visit my parents. Jan and the kids went back home and I stayed in Austin just to give me a couple of personal days to do nothing but rest. And I did. I can tell you that along the way, during travels and times of rest, God has been poking me, prodding me, and blessing me. My call to be involved with God in his work at Asbury has been renewed, refreshed, and reinvigorated.

I know you were blessed by God while I was gone. The leadership of our church is so strong and reliable that I was able to put aside any anxieties as they arose (and they did). I resisted the urge to call and make certain all was going well. Thanks especially to Curtis Matthys, my prayer partner, friend, and brother in Christ – I know God used him to spur the people on to greater love and grace through his preaching. Let me not forget to mention Cheryl. My time away was able to be time away because I knew Cheryl had things well in hand. To all those who took on roles of leadership throughout the week and on Sunday morning, thank you for the gift of peace you gave to me.

I have been reminded that God has plans for this world – plans to redeem the lives of those who are willing to hear and respond, plans to renew hearts and change lives, plans for His church to be a means of grace and love and mercy in the world where confusion and misguided notions lead people down paths of struggle and despair. God has plans for Asbury to be a force of holiness and peace in our community. I’m glad I get to be here with you as it happens.

May the blessing of God be upon you today and all this week.


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