Monday Musings ……………. June 9, 2008

I always tell people that I believe in the motto “better late than never”. I always want people to know they can come to church even if they’re running late – in my thinking it truly is, better late than never.

I’m hoping you feel the same way. On Sunday afternoon I left for a week of summer camp. On Sunday night I got about 3 hours sleep. Monday was a whirlwind as we got ready, campers arrived and we kicked off the week (and it went very well for a Monday of camp). That said, I did not get around to writing this post, so I hope you accept it a bit late.

Sunday, before the camp journey began, was another great day of worship. We finished up the series “A Light in the Darkness” and covered some important and current issues regarding our tendency to label people or to keep ourselves at arms length from people. I must say, it stirred up some conversation after the services – and I like that. My hope is to challenge us to see that God truly does call us to live as people set apart. If, in our attitudes and actions, we become a reflection of the world, what good will we be for God’s purpose. Our call is to be a reflection of Christ in the world so that we can be a sign, a symbol of God’s hope in the world. I was glad to speak to what I know to be the struggles of our times. I was also glad that it made people stop and think and wrestle with what God does expect.

This discipleship, Jesus-follower stuff is not easy. Jesus said it wouldn’t be. However, he said that the life you find with God, the life you find within yourself and with the Spirit of God will not compare with the struggle to live as a committed follower. I find that I know that in my head, but find it harder to put into practice. It sounds good in theory, but in order to discover it for myself I have to “take up my cross”. Let’s pray together that God will transform us into the kind of courageous Christians he calls us to be.

One final “shout out” to the band – the songs have made a real impact, thanks.

Peace to you…


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