Monday Musings ……………. June 1, 2008

I love Sunday mornings at Asbury. The more I am here, the more I see God at work in and through the people of Asbury, the greater my joy becomes. I have begun to realize what Paul meant when he asked the church to make his joy complete by being of one mind, one heart, one purpose. To see the people of God joining together to work for the building of God’s Kingdom, that is true joy and I feel it growing every time we get together.

There were several things that I took away with me from Sunday’s service. First, Matt’s choice of songs lately have been spot on. As God has called me to preach the messages, it seems God has given Matt the songs to sing. My hope was renewed as I listened to the words – “This too shall be made right…” I was just reminded that God is not unaware of the struggles of this world. There will come a time when God will move and things will be made right – all things will be made new. And, what I know to be true is that God is working n the midst of the struggles, He’s using these struggles to drive people back to him. Let us not be discouraged by the challenges but realize that God has plans to strengthen us and to reach others through those challenges.

Another joy for me came in the late service. John and Lorraine Loper quickly said “yes” when asked to help serve communion. John and Lorraine are some of our newest members and it was so good to have them stepping up to serve (literally) the church they have become a part of. I was touched by that because the people of Asbury – the people of God at Asbury – are so open to new people. My prayer is that God will send more and more people to this church because the love you have to share is so great and so obvious.

But the best part of my morning was just after the late service. One of our young “regular attenders” (that’s a visitor who has yet to join but comes all the time – I encourage people to do that if they are not ready to join, we’re just glad they’re here) this young lady brought a friend with her to church. As I gathered the kids up front for WOW Worship this little girl seemed a bit tentative. She wasn’t sure what to make of all this. Fast-forward to the end of the service and I’m standing outside at my usual post. This little girl comes up and she is all smiles. She proceeds to tell me how she had to jump and how her friend was blindfolded…and on and on and on she went. I loved seeing this young visitor so excited about what she got to do in church. I think she sees God as a God of joy and warmth and fun. That’s a good thing.

WIth all that, it seems the rumors were true – the Holy Spirit showed up and look what happened.


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